In Spite of All Odds: The Inspiring Story of Loraine Reguly (An Interview)


The truth be told, not a lot of people will keep on keeping on after encountering one massive hydraheaded problem in their life. But here she is, here's the lady who couldn't be stopped by life's ups and downs. She is a rape survivor, an accident survivor and a mum raising a son all by herself. And yet, she didn't slow down in spite of all odds. She has gone on to become an author of two books, a self publishing business coach and successful freelance writer. Even though she might not be Neil Patel or Big Luca, she's definitely shaking the internet through her own corner. We are definitely honored to have Lorraine Reguly on this platform today. And for the record, she's the first person to be interviewed on this magazine. Today, those entering the interesting world of freelancing will take home a lot of valuable information.

Enjoy the chat!

Your work has appeared on World Writer's Hub, Kikolani, Income diary, and more. Which stories are you most proud of and why?

 - Articles found on those sites are mostly blog posts, not stories, and I was paid to write for some of those sites. I am proud of all the work I do, but I was really impressed with myself for landing a guest post on Problogger. ;)

When did you start freelance writing?

 - I started blogging and freelancing in 2013. I also learned 10 lessons from my first freelancing client. I officially opened (and registered) my business, Wording Well, in February 2014.

 What was your first story about?

 The first thing I ever wrote online was a blog post about myself, my life, and my dreams of publishing books. I am proud to say my latest book, From Nope to Hope, is doing well and helping a lot of people. :) Read From Nope to Hope: Book and E-book Release!

What do you enjoy about freelancing? 

- I enjoy the freedom it gives me. I like setting my own hours and working from home (not having to commute). Actually, I love these two things the most; the money is just gravy. ;)

What don’t you enjoy? 

- I don't enjoy writing articles for others on topics that I find boring or uninteresting. LOL. For example, I once wrote an article on ant farming. Although I learned a lot about ant farming during that experience, it's not something I would ever write or even talk about! As a result, I've learned to say "NO" to a lot of jobs! I won't agree to do a job if I don't like the topic! I also won't edit SCI-FI novels. I have never watched a science fiction movie or show, nor have I read a SCI-FI book. Sorry! This genre simple does NOT interest me.

What values are important to you as a writer? 

- As a freelancer, I value the ability to communicate with my clients. Some clients are difficult to get ahold of, which frustrates me, especially when I have questions that need answers. - As an editor, I value perfectionism. - As a writer, I value one's ability to communicate through the written word, whether a story is being told, information is being imparted, or instructions are being given. I always make myself clear and expect others to do the same (many do not).

 What was the biggest surprise or shock you found in freelancing? If you could share a bit of wisdom with your newbie freelance self what would it be? 

- I was surprised that other people did freelance writing for LOW prices. However, you usually get what you pay for, and such writers churn out work that is poorly written. (I don't. I charge high prices for quality work.)

 What was your learning journey?

- This question is too broad. I attended high school and five years of university. When I started blogging, I read TONS of articles online and taught myself how to improve. I learned about self-publishing this way, too.

 What’s the best way to ask for an increase? 

- I detail the answer to this in my blog post called How to Ask for a Raise (and Get One!) from your #Freelancing Client.

 What, outside of your professional work, drives you? Any hobbies, passions or side projects?

 - I use positive affirmations to improve my mindset. Read How to Use Positive Affirmations to Improve Your Life. When it comes to leisure activities, I have a lot! I enjoy spending time with my parents (we play cards for money). I like playing board games. I like going to bingo. I love reading, especially murder mystery novels. I recently took up painting as a hobby. And I love watching TV.

 What message do you have for the entire community of freelance writers? 

- Don't settle for less than you are worth. Ever. Create standards for yourself, and stick to them! Lorraine


  1. Thanks so much for wanting to chat with me! I am honored to be the first person in this series, too. :)

    If any of your readers have questions or want to connect with me, visit my website, WORDING WELL, or connect with me on Facebook!

  2. Thanks Lorraine and continue being awesome.


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