Top 10 Best Tile Companies in California

 With over a 100 tile companies in California, it is very easy to get drowned in the noise and hence not be able to distinguish between the alphas and the omegas.
Well, we have done just that for you - we picked the 10 best tile companies out of the many out there. These companies have explored the fields of innovation when it comes to design. You should note that this list is not ranked in any particular order. Think of it as a collection of the best tile companies ever you can find in the whole of California.
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1. FireClay

FireClay has been on the forefront of innovation in the tile industry since 1986. This great company was founded by an expert ceramicist Paul Burns whose family had been in the business as far back as 1920 in California. The skilled ceramists working at FireClay produce beautiful ties with locally sourced raw materials. The pilot of the ship at FireClay, Eric Edelson works to see that great legacy of the company is maintained and improved upon.

2. Bedrosians Tile & Stone

Founded in 1948, Bedrosians has sworn to offer clients the most trend-setting tile and stone products available in the market. Their quantity, variance, and quality of their products sets them apart from the rest of their competitors. Since Ed Bedrosian opened the doors of this company, it had grown to become one of the biggest and best manufacturers of tile in California.

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 3. Floor Store

Since its inception, Floor Store had been hell bent on offering an out-of-the-box design experience to each and everyone of their customers. This had made the company's name to become synonymous with high customer satisfaction. Their products will give your home style and comfort at an affordable price.

4. Arizona Tyle

Bring your home design inspiration to life through Arizona Tyle - one of California's top of the list floor design companies. Their company culture and modus operandi is so good and comfortable for their employees that most of them had stayed more than a decade (10 years) in the company. This has invariably led to the production of high quality products that give customers exactly what they want.

5. New Metro Tile

New Metro Tile Company is a tile store that offers outstanding tile products and services. They provide the best quality tile for any kind of floor, countertop, wall, shower, backsplash, patio, deck, pool, or other finished surface.

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6. Amirian Home and Glendale Tile

Each time you enter any of the elegant show rooms of Amirian and Glendale, you will immediately notice that all of their products are always the result of excellent craftsmanship and state-of-the-art design. They also provide their customers with life sized vignettes eliminating the need to guess how the end product will look.

7. California Pottery & Tile Works (CPTW)

Speed and quality are the focus points of California Pottery & Tile Works (CPTW). They have made to continue and improve upon the unique tile making and portery tactics perfected by the very best of California's tile makers in the past. One of the things that makes the company very unique is the online tile design virtual tool which allows their customers to "express" what they want to see on the tiles of their dream house.

8. San Diego Marble and Tile

San Diego Marble and Tile is the leading supplier of natural stone and tile in San Diego, building a reputation for having the largest selection of porcelain tile, glass tile, outdoor tiles, stone tile, marble tile and various other tiles. In case you are are completely a "Jon Snow" when it comes to tiles, the tile geeks at San Diego Marble and Tile will help you to make the right choice that will fit your home perfectly.

9. Emser Tile

Prepare to engage your aesthetic senses as you step into one of the amazing showrooms of Emser. Their natural stone, porcelain, ceramics and other decorative glasses have one of the highest innovative designs that you can ever find in the market. What's more?, you don't need to break the Iron bank of Westeros in order to buy from them.

10. Biaggio Tile and Stone

Jon Alecu, the no-nonsense man who founded and heads this company wanted a tile company that brings the exotic and cutting edge tile designs available in Italy to California. And he has succeeded. And for the past 20 years, they completely earned their customers' thumbs up by offering them flawless floor designs.