Can Psychics Really Talk to the Dead?

Can Psychics Really Talk to the Dead?

We have thousands of folks over tens of thousands of years who claim to have the ability to communicate with the dead. And millions of people throughout the different generations and cultures had believed.

 So, is it true? Can they really talk to the dead?

It is common in Victorian Island to find people that are engaging in a form of communication with the dead. Communication with the dead can be achieved by various stuff like Ouija boards, three-legged tables and candles.

The eighteenth century was the period that United States witnessed a great increase in the number of people who wants to communicate with their dead. This was mainly caused by the activities of two young girls Hydesville, New York who claimed that can talk to the spirits of the dead.

The girls later revealed that what they were doing is not real. However, people had fallen head over heels for that religion. And it has grown in bounds and leaps ever since.

Psychics had been exposed as frauds many times without number. One of such exposures were from Harry Houdini who employed many tricks to make his audience believe in spirit communication.

Surprisingly, the ghosts are changing their method of communication with the times. From writing ambiguous letters while the psychic is in a trance (as in the middle ages) to guessing games with the use of mediums.

The fact that the whole psychic business is based on creating ambiguous scenarios and the client is supposed to fill in the details suggest that psychics might after all be fraudsters.
We might be tempted to lean on science for evidence to condemn the psychics and their business of communicating with the dead but we might not any helpful response.

This is because of the fact that science had not made any major breakthrough in the field of paranormal activities.

However, since we have logic as well as experience with the so called psychics, we can confidently say that psychics are faking their ability of communicating with the dead.


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