Oxygen Is Killing Us!

Oxygen Is Killing Us!

Without oxygen, everyone will die! This is a fact that can never be argued against. So, what if I told you that the very thing keeping us alive is the thing that is killing us. That's very ironic. But it is the truth, oxygen is one of the major culprits for the increase of diseases and deaths.
That would come as a surprise to many people due to the fact that people generally regard it as the breath of life. This happens as the secret destructive nature of oxygen is wrecking havoc on our health.

"Despite its status as a necessary life substance for all except a few special organisms, oxygen is a highly toxic mutagenic gas."
 (FREE RADICALS IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE, B Halliwell and J MC Gutteridge, OUP, Oxford 1999, p. 1).
The only reason that we survive its dangerous effects is that there are many antioxidants available.

At the beginning, the atmosphere of the earth was lesser than 1 percent of oxygen. This phenomenon can be used to explain why there were some people living above five hundred years in the Bible. However, increase in the activities of the blue green algae had increased the level of oxygen in the atmosphere to about 21% now.

Before we go deeper, let us begin with some high school grade science. The picture above is instantly identifiable. It is rust/corrosion caused by the presence of oxygen in a scientific process called oxidation.

Just picture the image above as something that is happening right inside your body because it does happen inside your body. This takes place during the conversion of glucose to ATP by oxygen.

At the end of that process, the chemical reaction that accompanied it will release many left over electrons called free radicals.
And these free radicals are free in such a way that are could go about our body wrecking havoc. And this could result to what is known as oxidative stress.

Oxidation stress, leading to tissue damage, has now been implicated in a wide variety of disease complaints, including arthritis, heart disease, cancer, dementias and other degenerative illnesses.

The human body fights back naturally by releasing some antioxidants in order to cancel out the damaging effect of the oxidative stress. However, the damage becomes so serious that it cannot be controlled by the body again.
This will result to the dreaded end, death by old age.

So, there you have it, oxygen is poisonous and it takes around 75 - 100 years to kill us.
The only way to control its harmful effects is to consume every single antioxidants that you can lay your hands on. This will not only make you to be older than everyone else but also to be stronger and healthier!