Why So Many Smart People Aren't Happy

There are three things by which a smart man's life is known. They are social connections, professional skills and good decision making ability.

Many researches which were conducted on lives of smart men yielded some results which can be described as quite surprising.

It turned out that being smart or clever doesn't guarantee you a state of happiness. In fact, the studies had revealed that smart people are predominantly unhappy.

So, why is that? Why are smart people almost always unhappy.

Psychologists have noticed that most of the time, people are aware of what could make them happy. Human beings normally attach their happiness to an object and that is normally the root cause of unhappiness.

And because people base their happiness on objects, they tend to gravitate towards comparing themselves to their colleagues. This is simply called social comparison in psychology.
And even if they finally achieve whatever they want, they will be under pressure to keep it up.

However, in order to develop the right mindset for happiness, people need to identify something that they can do very well. And start doing that without comparing themselves to other people.

Once you stop attaching your happiness to a particular event or object, you will be truly happy.