What Happens When You Die?

What Happens When You Die?

 Death is the unavoidable end of the life of humans as well as all things that are living. Nobody can evade it. The only thing we can do about it is to talk about it and try to explain it using the principles of religion and science.

However, even while talking about it, there are lots of things that we still don't know about death. And the best way to deal with all those mysteries of death is by simply ignoring it or fantasizing about it.

Most people believe that death cannot happen to them, at least not too soon. But it is not true. You will die, I will die, all men must die (sorry women, you're not excluded).
Each and everyone of us have a finite time left on this earth, it is about time we realized that.
This Wikiplora article is designed to let people know what it is like to meet the reaper of souls.

Have you ever wondered what consciousness is? Where does it come from? Where does it go when we die?

The notion of consciousness have long been intertwined with the idea of the human soul. With discussions on the origins of faith and other implications that seem so ridiculous to believe.

But are we wrong to dismiss these theories because they seem incredible? The idea of existence after death is fantastical already. So, people generally listen to explanations of death experiences as a form of entertainment, not as something to be believed.

But aside from the ghosts, gods and jamboree reincarnations, what other theories are  there for the mysterious feeling of life after death?

One idea said that humans operate like a satellite dish, taking signals from the outside space and that our consciousness will move on to a new body after we are done.

Another theory states that the universe is each person's mental creation, making your reality just one giant show. And when you die, it dies.

Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose are currently investigating theories more fantastical than this. Sir Penrose believes that human consciousness is merely information stored at the quantum level. And that this information may be able to transcend realities by traveling through protein based microtubules even after you die.

This taps into the multiverse theory which states that an infinite number of universe exists where every situation, timeframe and circumstance is played out always and forever.

Most scientists that agreed to this theory have stated that death simply does not exist. It is an illusion that we humans endure because we associate life solely with our physical bodies. Sir Penrose believes that consciousness exists outside the constraints of time and space. The human experience that we call dying is merely time rebooting.

And if it is true that your consciousness merely hops from reality to reality each time you die, then it means something more mysterious is going on. And for humans, it means that they can actually live forever.
If that isn't the case, then death is just an endless agonizing void.