Water And Its Secrets: Water Has A Memory Far Longer Than Our Transient Lifetimes.

 Water is life. This is a quote that has been used over and over again that it has turned into a cliché. And yet, only few people ever stop and ponder upon this overly used quote.

A philosophical examination of the quote will reveal that that it was rightly made. This is because just like life, water has many mysteries. Many of which are yet to be unraveled.

The most recent discovery about water has left the whole world shocked to the core. Even scientists were surprised at this newly found property of water.

Water has memory. And I don't mean the kind of memory that can be erased as soon as it is made. It has a memory far longer than our transient lifetimes.

A very dedicated scientist named Dr. Masaru Emoto was intrigued by the many complex and anomalous properties of water. So, he went to carry out experiments on water. He did this because he felt that there was more to water than meets the eye.

It was not long before he started rolling out results. Exciting and intriguing results. Many of the results of that experiment that he did were published in his book titled "The Hidden Messages In Water". Reading the title of the book must have informed you that the book is quite extraordinary.

Well, here's the long and short of the book.

Dr. Masaru revealed in this book that human thoughts and consciousness have an effect on the molecular structure of water. And that water has memory which can store large amounts of information for a very long amount of time.

He noted that water can record information just like most modern digital recording devices. It can also transfer the information to another body of water.

As fascinating as the discovery sounds, it becomes disheartening when one learns that the information recorded in water's memory is not yet retrievable.The information can be detected and parts of it could be identified.

However, extracting the water present in an area during the time a crime was committed in order to find out exactly how the crime was committed and by whom is not yet possible.

Apart from the fact that it will help in criminal investigation, water's memory could be put into good use in filling the gaps in human history.

It can also help in answering critical questions about humanity like how the world began since according to the Bible (Genesis), water was here before any other thing.