ProjectCodice: An Innovative Concept

SDGs Goal #4: Quality Education

Statistics show that 1.7 million young nigerians registered for the 2017 UTME. However, while we are offered record numbers, what the statisticians always ignore is the declining quality of education offered in our institutions of learning. Our records in both local and international examinations have never been poorer; shameful, embarrassing WASSCE and JAMB results are churned out every year. The number of college and high school dropouts is ever on the increase. Why is this happening to us? Boring school environments, financial problems, staff shortages and half-baked teachers. Apparently, we might miss out on Goal #4 of the SDGs if this attack on our educational system is allowed to linger.
How do we reverse this trend? And can we?

Yes we can, and even more so with Named after the Latin Codex; a collection of books, will be a fully operational, online, self-sufficient resource that is more like an expert system. To emphasize, it would be more than an expert system. I mean, would host books, and not just books; Tutors, videos, blogs and literally anything that can faciliate learning. To put it another way, would be our own of academics.

HOW PROJECTCODICE.ORG WILL TACKLE THE PROBLEM: would be exciting and engaging. From the short lectures to the tutorial videos, it would be a totally mesmerizing package that would ensure learning takes place in a vacuum devoid of boredom. In order to achieve this, will be built on either Wix or Squarespace platforms and hosted on trusted domains like WordPress or GoDaddy. Books, journals, and articles would be sourced, and bought from authors and publishers; constantly updated and made available to subscribers to ensure fluidity and engaging service.
Speaking of subscribers, will be cheap and financially inclusive. Choice will be paramount as clients would have the liberty to browse and make use of available services at cheap subscription rates. Subscription would be yearly so as to ensure that students of all economic classes have access to the resources available on codice. will be interactive. The platform will make room for tutor-student
conferences, live courses, Q & A’s with experts and so much much. Students will be obliged, through these services, to express themselves from the comfort of their mobile phones without fear or prejudice as well as get instant feedbacks on their problems.

Granted that schools and heads of schools indicate willingness to partner with the idea, could be integrated into standardized e-libraries across the federation, increasing its accessibility and ensuring that a maximum number of students use it as a go-to source of information and knowledge.

Most importantly, would be consistent with both national and international curricula; offering standard and approved texts and materials. Coupled with professional and seasoned tutors, quality would be ensured. 


The future of business is online and, like every other successful internet enterprise, will thrive as more and more students get accustomed to its services. Sponsored Ads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will help boost its audience reach. Revenue will be generated through Adsense and subscriptions; as well as from the sales of merchandise. 
Additionally, It could achieve global recognition as a frontrunner on academics in Africa, particularly Nigeria; considering the mega role it’s bound to play in achieving the SDGs. But to achieve those goals; will have to, first of all, take flight.